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Dr. Mohan’s High Fibre Rice

Dr. Mohan’s High Fibre Rice a hybrid rice variety was developed through classical breeding approaches, after intense biochemical screening of rice germ plasm of over 200 varieties of rice by colloboration between MDRF and plant scientists from Coimbatore. This rice is unique in its higher dietary fibre content even in its polished form (8.3%) compared to normal white rice (<1.5%). The product is being marketed by Dr. Mohan’s Health Care Products.
Dr. Mohan’s High Fibre Rice is available in most of the leading outlets in Chennai.


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Dr. Mohan’s Brown Rice

Brown Rice is an unpolished whole grain which contains 100% bran and germ. It is nutritionally superior to hand pounded rice (under milled rice) and fully polished white rice. Brown rice has higher amounts of protein, dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and
γ – oryzanol compared to white rice.



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Dr. Mohan’s Atlas of Indian Foods

The Atlas of Indian Foods is first of its kind in India and features nutritional and portion size information on more than 200 foods which are pictorially depicted in full colour. It is a powerful tool for assessing food intake of populations taking part in epidemiological studies and a user friendly tool for patients, health conscious population, medical practitioners, nutritionists and dieticians.